Silage Harvesting




"Larry the Chopper" is our brand new Claas Jaguar 950 Harvester  

Shredlage Processor


In addition to our new harvester, we opted for the Claas Shredlage Corncracker processor which has proven to drastically increases the benefits of feeding silage. If you would like some more information on the processor click the picture above. 

Push Tractor


We use a 8245R John Deere tractor with duals  to ensure the silage is compacted and all oxygen is removed to ensure to fermentation process is effective. 



We have three Twin Steer 8 wheel Volvo's that are able to drive in wet conditions or when the paddocks are not suitable for larger trucks and trailers to enter. We also have two Kenworth trucks along with a brand new Moore's slat Walking Floor and Chainbed to ensure we are able to quickly and efficiently complete the job that is asked of us.  

 In addition to our own trucks, if more trucks are required we have many reliable contractors that are available. 



We use a 460+ Kemper Front that is suitable for chopping summer crops such as Corn and Sorghum varieties including forage and grain crops. 

*** Coming Soon ***

Brand New Domai Direct Disc Front

We are very excited to try out our new Disc Front that is practically able to chop everything from Forage to Barley and all crops in between.

Stay updated on our Facebook page! 

Inoculant & Silage Plastic


We use a Dohrmann Applicator for inoculant and can provide both inoculant and silage plastic from our two suppliers,

- Lallemand Animal Nutrition &

- Grevilla Ag. 

We can put you in contact with either companies to ensure you are satisfied with the products used.